Narrabri Shire Council

Leash free areas

Leash free areas have been established in the township of Narrabri and Boggabri for the safety of residents and the enjoyment of pet owners.
The leash free areas in the Narrabri are as follows;

Area 1: The area between Ugoa Street and Belar Street Cooma Road Corner bounded by Cooma Oval and the Narrabri Showgrounds.

Area 2: The area between Maitland Street and the Narrabri Creek bank between Violet Street and the railway viaduct.

The leash free areas in Boggabri are as follows;

Area 1. (EAST) Encompasses Jubilee Oval, Junior League Field and the Cricket Oval (Dessert).  This area is not
to be utilised when sporting events are in progress.

Area 2.  (WEST) David Grover Park

Area 3.  (NORTH)  Laidlaw St between Boston St and Finches Lane.

In all other areas of town, dogs are to be kept on leads when in a public place.

There are certain areas that dogs are prohibited at all times.

These include:

1. Schools;
2. Children play areas;
3. Public swimming pools;
4. Areas where food is served or prepared; or
5. Where signs indicate that dogs are prohibited.

When in a public place, the person in charge of the animal is responsible for the removal of faeces that are deposited by their animal. A common way of removal is for the person in charge to carry a plastic shopping bag. You then collect the faeces in the bag and throw it in one of the numerous bins that are provided by Council. On the spot fines apply for breaches.

Please contact Council's Ranger on 02 6799 6866 if you have any enquiries.