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What is the Disability Inclusion Action Plan? 

The NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014 requires Council to develop a Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) to help remove barriers and enable people with disability to participate equally in their communities. Developing, implementing and monitoring the Narrabri Shire DIAP within Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework allows Council to deliver improved services, facilities and programs to support people with a disability and their carers over the next four years.

The purpose of the DIAP is to set out the strategies and actions for Council and the community to deliver, to enable people with disability to have greater access to information, services and facilities throughout the Shire. The plan focuses on the following four key areas which require consistent efforts from government agencies and the wider community to meet the needs of people with a disability as well as carers, older people, people with a temporary injury and parents with young children:

  1. Promoting positive community attitudes and behaviours
  2. Creating liveable communities
  3. Supporting access to meaningful employment
  4. Improving access to services through better systems and processes

How will this Plan help?
By identifying ways that inclusion can be improved in these four focus areas, Council, together with its community partners, will enhance the quality of life for people with a disability and increase opportunities for full participation in everyday life for everyone, by promoting positive community attitudes and behaviours, creating liveable communities, supporting access to meaningful employment and improving access to services through better systems and processes.

Who will this Plan help?
Anyone who has temporary or permanent difficulty in participating fully in everyday life because of cognitive, physical, mental, sensory or functional impairment or disability, which have been present from birth, acquired by accident or illness or due to the process of ageing, will benefit from this Plan.

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Diasability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)

Narrabri Shire Council's DIAP can be accessed in four different formats; PDF, Easy Read, E-Book and Audio Book.

     DIAP 2021 

       DIAP Easy Read

         DIAP E-Book

       DIAP Audio Book