Narrabri Shire Council

Weeds Management Plans & Pesticide Notification

Council has Weeds Management Plans for the following Noxious Weeds;

 African Boxthorn
 Bathurst Burr
 Chillean Needle Grass
 Noogoora Burr
 Prickly Pear
 Long leaf Willow Primrose
 Bridal Creeper
 Harrisia Cactus
 Mother of Millions
 Pampas Grass
 Rhus Tree
 Spiny Burr Grass

Narrabri Shire Weeds Officers will inspect private and crown land for infestations of these noxious weeds. Narrabri Shire Council will undertake control work with allocated funds on Crown land and land for which is has use. Control methods for these noxious weeds are explained in the Weeds Management Plans for private land holders to use.