Narrabri Shire Council

Vision and Values

Narrabri Shire Council Vision

“Narrabri Shire will be a strong and vibrant regional growth centre providing a quality living environment for the entire Shire community.”

Our Values

Consultation & Facilitation
“To deliver services to, and represent the interests of the whole community and provide a quality living environment within available resources”

“Council will always endeavour to be innovative and will follow a path of creative and lateral thinking.”

Leadership & Teamwork
“To provide leadership and to evoke a spirit of teamwork within the community and the Council.”

Effective Communication
“Effective communication between the Council, the community and staff will, at all times, be of paramount importance.”

Value for Money
“The provision of Council services will always be cost effective and efficient.”

Exemplary Customer Service
“Council will endeavour to provide the highest level of service to all its customers.”

Uncompromising Integrity
“Council’s integrity will be maintained at the highest level at all times.”

Continuous Review and Development
“All of Council’s operations will be continually reviewed and quality management practices and state of the art technology will be used where appropriate.”