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Narrabri Shire Council generally purchases goods, services and works via quotes and tenders. Open/current tenders, quotations, and expressions of interest are listed here when they become available.


Tenders received


Below is a listing of all of the recently closed Tenders that Narrabri Shire Council has received. To download and view any of the files, please click their respective links.

 Contract 2021-22/03 - Periodic Maintenance of Sealed Roads

 Contract 2021-22/04 - Tipping Truck Hire

 Contract 2021-22/05 - Water Cart Hire

 Contract 2021-22/12 - Construction of a Piggyback Cell at Narrabri Landfill

 Contract 2021-22/06 - Design & Construction of a Replacement Bridge at Boston St, Boggabri

Tender - Narrabri Sewerage Treatment Plant (NSTP) Earthworks for Environmental Improvements

Tenders are invited and will be received until 2.00pm on Tuesday, 27 September 2022 for the following contract:

  • 2022-23/10 - Narrabri Sewerage Treatment Plant (NSTP) Earthworks for Environmental Improvements

Narrabri Shire Council (NSC) requires a qualified service provider to undertake earthworks for environmental improvements at Narrabri Sewerage Treatment Plant under Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) 200.

Works are to include:

  • Establish stockpile location for won material
  • Strip 60,000m3 of topsoil at an approximate depth of 150mm to define stockpile area
  • Utilise stripped topsoil to construct an earth bund to contain the desilted material
  • Removal of approximately 33,000m3 of silt from the balancing pond, including appropriate vegetation within the stormwater pond
  • Load, haul, and dump silt within stockpile location as directed by client
  • Size and shape stockpiles to appropriate shape, volume and dimensions to adequately allow for turning, drying and access to won material

Tender documents can be downloaded and tenders submitted electronically via the e-tendering portal or dropped into the tender box at Narrabri Shire Council Administration Building, 46-48 Maitland Street, Narrabri.

All tenders shall be submitted in accordance with the tender documentation and shall be endorsed with the contract number and description and submitted electronically via or tender box, prior to the closing time. The responsibility for lodgement of the tender electronically via the E-tendering portal lies solely with the tenderer.

The canvassing of Narrabri Shire Councillors or staff, at any time, in respect of this tender will disqualify an entity from submitting a tender.