Narrabri Shire Council

The Narrabri Skate Park

The Narrabri Skate Park project was initiated by a group of Narrabri High School students who presented their proposal for a Skate Park to the Narrabri Youth Service and Youth Action Group.

Substantial community support resulted from the proposal, and further action was taken to proceed with the project. Narrabri Rotary Club became the applicant for the proposal and the project was able to proceed upon final selection of a suitable location for the skate park.

Significant research and consultation was conducted by Council into the Skate Park and the most suitable way to build it. The Skate Park was constructed by the members of the Narrabri Rotary Club and funding was provided by the Club, Narrabri Shire Council and various community funding projects. The site of the Narrabri Skate Park is on Crown Land and Narrabri Shire Council has been instated as the trustee for this land.

Shortly after the completion of the park a graffiti art workshop was held for youth involved with the park. The workshop taught them technique and involved them in the design process of creating a graffiti art mural for the Skate Park.

Since the completion of the project the Skate Park has become a popular place for Narrabri Shire youth to socialise. Several local and regional competitions have also been held at the Skate Park with local youth excelling in competition.

 The Wee Waa Skate Park

Community Consultation has identified the need to provide unsupervised activities for the younger members of the Wee Waa community. A basic Skate Park has been the consensus on a number of occasions.

In 2009 the Federal Government introduced a Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program (RLCIP) and Council decided to allocate $80,000 of this funding toward a Skate Park in Wee Waa. The WWSPDC was formed and this committee has been encouraged by Council to develop and implement the project. The WWSPDC has been able to harness substantial community good will and thus add value to the project via various in-kind contributions.

A number of locations were considered by the WWSPDC which includes the following
• Dangar Park
• Apex Park
• Ludowici Park
• The Wee Waa Memorial Swimming Pool, and
• The grounds of the Wee Waa Indoor Sporting Complex.

To assist in determining where to locate the Skate Park the WWSPDC completed the Location and Siting Checklist (The Skate Facility Guide; Sport and Recreation Victoria 2001), see Appendix A. The grounds of the Wee Waa Indoor Sporting Complex was the preferred location for essentially the following main reasons
• Lack of conflict with existing residents and facilities
• Long term the site is likely to be the focus for sporting/leisure facilities for Wee Waa’s youth.

The site is located at Lot 280, DP 705428, adjacent to the Kamilaroi Highway in the township of Wee Waa see locality plan at Appendix B. This Lot is owned by the Crown, and forms part of the Wee Waa Showground Sports Complex. The NSW Department of Lands administers the land on behalf of the Crown and has set up the Wee Waa Showground Trust as the trustee of the site, and the body responsible for day to day management of the site.