Environmental Grant Program

(Administered by the Leards Forest Precinct Environmental Trust Inc.)

The Environmental Grant Program is derived from contributions made by Maules Creek Coal, Boggabri Coal, and  Tarrawonga Coal Mines under Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPA’s).

The Program is administered by the Leards Forest Precinct Environmental Trust Inc. (the Trust). The Trust consists of representatives from the above mines, community and Gunnedah and Narrabri Shire Councils.

The aim of the Environmental Grant Program is to facilitate projects that enhance the environment, protect the environment, or provide a sustainable environmental solution.

The criteria can be defined as follows:

Enhance – to raise to a higher degree, to intensify, to magnify.

Protect – to secure for future generations.

Sustainable – a system that maintains its own viability.

“This funding has given us the opportunity to plant over 200 trees on the
approaches to Boggabri and on our grounds with watering system to provide for
the future of environment systems for birds and shelter for shade for our pony club
riders, camp drafters, and Drovers’ Campfire caravans annually when fully grown
will be able to be enjoyed by our small community. We thank you immensely.”
Boggabri Recreation Reserve Trust


“The grant has allowed our organisation to undertake a project to make our school
more long term environmentally sustainable through water harvesting. We have
been able to model to the students real life applications with a holistic approach
to managing precious natural resources. The funding has assisted us to raise
awareness and aid in educating our students with proactive attitudes in which to
address future challenges they may face with natural resources.”
Boggabri Public School Parents and Citizens Association

Applications are now being called for the second round of funding for projects in the 2017/2018 Financial Year. 

 Environmental Grant Program Funding Guidelines and Application Form



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