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Development Proposal


APPLICANT: Petonna Services

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Industrial Depot and Ancillary Accommodation

LAND DESCRIPTION: Lot 55, DP 755475, 34 Boston Street, BOGGABRI

DEVELOPMENT TYPE: Local Development

The above development information is provided for public information as per section 4.13 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Any person may view the notified application at Council’s Administration Building 46-48 Maitland Street, Narrabri, during office hours 8:35am-5:00pm Monday – Friday.

Further any person may make a submission in respect to the notified application before close of business 31 May 2018. If the submission is by way of an objection, the objection must clearly be stated. Any submissions made during the exhibition period will be considered in the assessment of the application by Council.

Any submissions in relation to the proposal must include disclosure of any reportable political contribution or gift made in the previous two years in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Copies of the disclosure statement can be found on Council’s website
For further information on political disclosure requirements please visit;

For further information on the development or to review the proposal please contact Cara Stoltenberg on 02 6799 6858.

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 1

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 2

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 3

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 4

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 5

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 6

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 7

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 8

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 9

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 10

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 11

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 12

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 13

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 14

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 15

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 16

 Statement of Environmental Effects Part 17


Narrabri Shire Draft Operational Plan 2018/2019

Council advises that in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, the Narrabri Shire Draft Operational Plan 2018/2019 is on public exhibition from Friday 4 May 2018 until Friday 1 June 2018. The Draft Operational Plan incorporates Council’s Revenue Policy and Budget for the 2018/2019 Financial Year and lists the key actions to be addressed. The document can be viewed at Narrabri Shire Libraries in Boggabri, Narrabri and Wee Waa, at Council’s Administration Building, 46-48 Maitland Street, Narrabri and via Council’s website

Written submissions clearly stating “Submission 2018/2019 Operational Plan” will be received up until 5pm on Friday, 1 June 2018 and should be addressed to the General Manager, Narrabri Shire Council, PO Box 261, Narrabri, NSW, 2390 or emailed to

 Narrabri Shire Council Draft 2018-2019 Operational Plan

 Appendix A Draft 2018-2019 Revenue Policy

 Appendix B Draft 2018-2019 Fees and Charges

 Appendix C Draft 2018-2019 Operational Budget

 Appendix D Draft 2018-2019 Capital Works Program


Amendment to the Narrabri Local Environmental Plan 2012
(Planning Proposal PP 1/2018)

The purpose of this planning proposal is to amend the Narrabri Local Environmental Plan 2012 by rezoning the portion of Lot 383 DP 754944, known as 139 Kaputar Road, Narrabri (located to the north of Kaputar Road), from RU1 Primary Production to R5 Large Lot Residential and reduce the applicable minimum lot size for the land from 100ha to 2ha.

The planning proposal is on public exhibition between Monday 21 May 2018 and Friday 15 June 2018 and can be inspected at the following locations:
• Narrabri Shire Council Administration Office, 46-48 Maitland Street, Narrabri during office hours 8:35am-5:00pm Monday – Friday,
• online at Council’s website

The Minister for Planning has delegated Narrabri Shire Council permission to use its plan making powers to make the amendment to the Narrabri Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Council, as the Relevant Planning Authority invites submissions from any interested party.
Any submission should be addressed to the General Manager of Narrabri Shire Council, PO Box 261, Narrabri New South Wales 2390 and must be made prior to 5pm, Friday 15 June 2018.

Should you require further information in relation to this notice please contact Council’s Town Planner,
Cara Stoltenberg on 02 6799 6858.

 Planning Proposal - Kaputar Road

 Planning Proposal PP1 2018 Amend Narrabri Local Environmental Plan 2012


Narrabri Shire Council
46-48 Maitland Street
PO Box 261
Narrabri NSW 2390