Narrabri Shire Council

Policy Register

Council’s policies, along with many other internal and external documents, set the framework within which Council fulfils its service and regulatory responsibilities under relevant statutes. All policies give expression to the strong commitment of Narrabri Shire Council to openness and accountability, non-discriminatory practices, and continuous improvement across the organisation.

 Policy Framework

 Alcohol Free Public Spaces Policy

 Asset Management Policy

 Aquatic Plant Management Policy

 Asbestos Policy

 Backflow Prevention Policy

 Bin Contamination Policy

 Building Over Council’s Underground Services Policy

 Burning of Vegetation Policy

 Code of Conduct

 Code of Meeting Practice 2021

 Community Engagement Policy

 Community Event Policy

 Community Grants Fund Policy

 Community Member Appointment to Council Committees Procedure

 Companion Animals Policy

 Competitive Neutrality Complaints Management Policy

 Complaints Management Policy and Procedure

 Compliance and Enforcement Policy

 Controlled Works on a Floodplain Policy

 Councillor access to information and interaction between Councillors and Staff Policy

 Crown Roads Maintenance Policy

 Customer Service Policy

 Councillor Professional Development Policy

 Debt Recovery Policy

 Disposal of Assets Policy and Request Form

 Donation in Lieu of Ordinary Rates Policy

 Extractive Industries Policy

 Fraud and Corruption Policy

 Financial and Medical Hardship Policy

 Gates and Grids on Public Roads Policy

 Gifts and Benefits Policy

 Internal Reporting Management Public Interest Disclosures Policy and Procedure

 Investment Policy

 Infrastructure and Service Level Investment Policy

 Laundry Stained by Rust in the Town Water Supply Policy

 Libraries Childrens Policy

 Liquid Trade Waste Policy

 Local Approvals Policy

 Local Orders Policy

 Maintenance of Nature Strips in Urban Areas Policy

 Management of Feral and or Infant Animal Policy

 Media Policy

 Naming of Public Assets Policy

 Narrabri Lawn Cemetery – Floral and Other Tributes Policy

 Narrabri Shire Arts And Cultural Policy

 New England North West Film Policy

 Narrabri Shire Heritage Policy

 Non-Companion Animals on Residential Premises Policy

 Optic Fibre Installation on Council Land Policy

 Onsite Wastewater Management Policy

 Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for the Mayor and Councillors Policy

 Privacy Management Plan

 Property Addressing Policy

 Procurement Policy

 Public Safety Closed-Circuit Television Camera Policy

 Public Space Tree Policy

 Records Management Policy

 Recognition of Assets Policy

 Related Party Disclosure Policy

 Revenue Policy – Water and Sewer

 Rural Property Access Policy

 Restricted Assets (Internal) Policy

 Social Media Sites Policy

 Sewer Junction Connection Policy

 Street lighting on Public Roads Policy

 Section 355 Committee Policy

 Statement of Business Ethics Policy

 Sporting Wall of Fame Policy

 The Crossing Theatre Catering Policy

 The Crossing Theatre Concessional Use Policy

 Undetected Water Leak Policy

 Use of Council Facilities by Elected Politicians

 Waiving Application Fees for Development Policy

 Water Billing Policy

 Water Flow Restriction Policy

 Water Meter Policy

 Water Service Connection Policy

 Wee Waa Town Levee Maintenance Policy