Narrabri Shire Council

Local Traffic Facilities Committee

The Local Traffic Facilities Committee of the Narrabri Shire deal with general road safety and signage issues. (They do not deal with requests regarding road maintenance.)

If you are aware of an issue regarding general road safety or signage that you would like raised with Local Traffic Facilities Committee, you will need to write a letter detailing your concerns. The issues raised in your letter will then be placed on the agenda for discussion and will be examined at the next meeting of the Committee. The Committee meets once a month and consists of representatives of Council staff, Councillors, Police, The RMS as well as an appointed representative of the Member for Barwan.

Recommendations from the public for this meeting must be submitted to the following meeting of Council for resolution. Appropriate action will be then be taken in accordance with the decision of Council.

All correspondence relating to the Local Traffic Facilities Committee should be addressed to:

The General Manager
PO Box 261
Narrabri  NSW  2390

All other concerns or enquiries regarding road safety related matters can be directed to Council's Infrastructure Delivery Department on (02) 6799 6877.


 RTA Delegation to Councils - Regulation of Traffic


Road Transport (Safety & Traffic Management) Regulation 1999

Road Transport (Safety & Traffic Management) Act 1999

Roads Act 1993