Narrabri Shire Council

Kerbing Work to start 1 August 2017!


 Council has been notified of a late change to the working program for the CBD Upgrade which has the potential to reduce construction by up to 10 days.

Next week Council’s contractors Curry Power and TPE Contractors are moving into kerbing the centre median in the Lloyd to Doyle Street Block. The contractors are proposing to close off one lane of traffic to allow the concrete truck direct access to the kerbing machine in a single run. The 2nd lane will only be closed while the concrete truck is delivering concrete to the kerb machine and should be open after the machinery has completed its work.

This work is currently scheduled for this Tuesday 1 August 2017. Depending on access on the day all works may be completed from one side of the street (currently Crossroads to Tourist Hotel side will have no parking available) to avoid moving traffic control systems.

The lane closure has the benefit of avoiding a full street closure due to the size and workspace around the Concrete truck, although traffic may be stopped in both directions for short periods of time to allow truck movements and works to occur safely.

The Contractor was asked about completing this work on Sunday however this would have required a delay of 5 days (until the following Sunday) and was difficult due to other commitments with the kerbing machine.

The Contractor has been requested to commence the works at first light in order to minimise impact to business during normal working hours.

Whilst the Council recognises the inconvenience this lane closure will cause to shop owners and road users it is felt that the benefits (reduced construction time) outweighed the impacts.

If you have any queries in relation to the works in the CBD, please contact Council on 6799 6866.

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