Narrabri Shire Council

Development Design Specifications

The Development Design Specifications have been developed by Narrabri Shire Council for use with roadworks and civil infrastructure design. Narrabri Shire Council only uses the Development Design Specification in conjunction with other external publications such as Australian Standards, RTA Road Design Guide, Austroads etc.

Council reserves the right to amend conditions when approving development proposals to ensure that the infrastructure associated with any development is designed and constructed to be safe, serviceable, economical to maintain and meets community expectations.

Please refer to the Quality Checklists for design prior to commencing the design phase and provide the certification to Council along with the completed designs.

The Applicant or Contractor is to read this Specification prior to the commencement of any work on site. If any part of this Specification is not understood it is the Contractor’s responsibility to contact Council’s Design Services Manager for an explanation.


Please contact Council’s Design Services Manager to report any comments, modifications, errors or clarification on all parts of the Development Design Specification.

 Amendment No. 1

 DQS Quality Assurance for Design

 D1 Geometric Road Design

 D2 Pavement Design

 D3 Structures Bridge Design

 D4 Subsurface Drainage

 D5 Stormwater Drainage

 D6 Site Regrading

 D7 Erosion Control and Stormwater Management

 D9 Cycleway and Pathway Design

 D10 Bushfire Protection

 D11 Water Reticulation

 D12 Sewerage System